January 2024

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  • Chair's Comments

    • Unalienable Rights – PJ Gentry, Chair

      We Americans have much for which to be grateful.  We cling to the promises that our Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee us, certain unalienable rights – while we watch and live with upheaval and turmoil within our own borders.  [snip]

    • The Primary Election – K. Lawrence, Vice-Chair

      In a primary election, voting for just any candidate registered as a Republican is not good enough.  Instead, a voter must choose specific candidates which are actually conservative — which means a voter must do investigation.

  • Candidates Corner

    This section, this month, has a listing of all the Republican candidates known to be in the Primary Election (Tuesday 2024-Mar-5) in Person County.

  • Public Opinion

    • Killing the Fake Climate Crisis

      Part II – Americans Say No to Electric Vehicle Revolution

      December 23, 2023 – 11:30AM
      By: A. Withers – Member of Person County GOP

      This is the second in a series of articles presenting facts and tools to help folks who are struggling with disinformation about climate change.  These same facts and tools can also be used to fight climate change alarmists by disarming their fraudulent, misguided claims in verbal or social media exchanges.  [snip]

    • Struggles can be healthy, but need to be understood to be appreciated.

  • Topics of Interest

    The "Dirty Little Secret" of America's Current Government – Chet Nagle

    Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency, made a significant comment during the recent 4th primary debate.  He exposed what he called the "dirty little secret" of America's government by stating, "The people who we elect to run the government are not the ones who are even actually running the government."

    If he's right, then who does run our government?  [snip]

  • NC Legislative Updates

    Creating Chaos Is a Feature, Not a Bug, of the Democratic Party

    By: A. Perrigo

    Colorado Supreme Court has ruled 4-3 that Donald Trump could not appear on the state's 2024 primary ballot – and the unsigned opinion stated that Trump's name could not even be counted if placed on the Write-in candidate line.  [snip]

  • Fun Stuff

    Several funny cartoons, and interesting quotes.

Special Mention:

  • Jan/2 (Tuesday) – Person County Public Hearing about changes to the DSS system
  • Jan/16 (Tuesday) – Candidates Town Hall Forum
  • Jan/18 (Thursday) – PC-GOP Monthly Meeting
  • Jan/26-27 – Carolina Liberty Conference in Raleigh
  • Mar/5 – NC primary election at your precinct
  • The PCGOP is publishing a Calendar which shows various Events in or near Person County, and shows many of the Person County board meetings
  • For the People of Person County, here is some contact information for County Officials and State and National Officials

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PCGOP January Meeting (January 18th, 6:30 PM at La Piazza Restaurant, Uptown Roxboro)
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