February 2024

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  • Chair's Comments

    • Unalienable Rights – PJ Gentry

      We Americans have much for which to be grateful.  We cling to the promises that our Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee us, certain unalienable rights – while we watch and live with upheaval and turmoil within our own borders.  [snip]

  • Candidates Corner

    This section has been updated since last month.  It has:
        (a) a listing of all the Republican candidates known to be in the Primary Election in Person County on Tuesday 2024-Mar-5;
        (b) a hyperlink which can be used to obtain sample ballots for this Primary Election

  • Public Opinion

    • Killing the Fake Climate Crisis

      Part III: CO2 – Not The Villain You Thought

      January 29, 2024
      By: A. Withers, Member of Person County GOP

      As you probably know, the cornerstone of Joe Biden’s “climate action” plan is an attempt by Democrats to use the colorless and odorless gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) as an excuse to completely control our energy industries, and from that to control as much of the entire American economy as possible.

      Their plan goes like this: If we can get the American people to believe that CO2 is “likely” the cause of our “predicted” disastrous climate changes, then Democrats can eliminate all fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) that produce CO2 when burned.  Then, they can control essentially everything else in our economy.  Democrats would be in charge of virtually every aspect of our lives.  [snip]

  • Topics of Interest

  • NC Legislative Updates

    • NC Department of Insurance -- Press Release

      RALEIGH -- North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey has issued the following statement to clear up any confusion regarding the recent filing made by insurance companies:  [snip]

    • Two Years of Changes in North Carolina Voter Registrations

      As Democratic Registrations Decline, Republicans are on Track to Overtake Them in 2027

      by Dr. Andy Jackson
      January 4, 2024

      With a new year upon us, let’s see how voter registrations have changed over the past two years.  [snip]

  • Fun Stuff

    • Some funny cartoons
    • Some quotes

Special Mention:

  • Feb/5 (Monday) – Person County Commissioners Meeting
  • Feb/8 (Thursday) – Person County Board of Elections Meeting
  • Feb/8 (Thursday) – Person County School Board Meeting
  • Mar/2 (Saturday) – PC-GOP Convention
  • Mar/5 (Tuesday) – NC primary Election at your precinct
  • For the People of Person County, here is some contact information for County Officials and State and National Officials

Next Meeting
PCGOP February Meeting (February 15th, Thursday, 6:30 PM at La Piazza Restaurant, Uptown Roxboro)
(Speakers will be GOP candidates in the upcoming Primary Election.)

New Articles
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