Newsletter Welcome

Welcome to our monthly PCRC (Person County Republican Club) newsletter.  It’s purpose is to keep you informed about what is happening on the ‘political front’ in Person County, those around us, and also on the State level.  It contains opening comments from our club chairperson, a ‘Commissioners Corner’ for them to inform you of topics of concern or interest to our elected officials, some general ‘topics of interest’ around the County and State, an ‘opinion corner’ where club members and local Republicans can voice their comments on a personal level, and links to our PCRC calendar with up-coming events.  We also include links to County and State official websites and office phone numbers for your convenience to contact them. 

One thing we encourage and ask from you is to give us feedback!  We need your input to make this newsletter relevant to all, and we are always looking for input.  Your views are most welcome.  We will contact you if your comments are selected to be put in the ‘opinions’ section for your permission to do so.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Local Officials Contact Information:

The link below will take you to our webpage that has the email addresses and office phone numbers (if any) of our Commissioners, District State Representatives, and State Senators offices for you to use to contact them to let your voice be heard on topics of importance to you.  Your voice DOES matter, and they really do want to hear from their constituents on matters that they must make a decision upon when voting.  They are bombarded with special interest group people and lobbyists with their own agendas, and hearing from ‘real people’ in their districts is a great help and encouragement to them.  It is your right….use it!

(Person County GOP Officials link)

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to contact the PCGOP communications committee, please send them to us at: [email protected]. To subscribe to our monthly newsletters, enter 'newsletter' in the subject line of your email and we will gladly add you to our email list to receive notice of newsletter publication.

We will return your message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Person County affairs!  We look forward to hearing from many of you in the weeks ahead.



- The PCGOP Communications Committee