Equity Breeds Duplicity

February 8, 2024

Equity Breeds Duplicity

By: Nancy Andersen

Republican leader Mitch McConnell and his senatorial stooge James Lankford promoted a federal bill that would send billions oversees to protect the borders of other countries, while allowing an invasion into the U.S. of nearly two million illegal aliens every year.  A City Journal piece details how the Biden administration has every intention of allowing illegal aliens to flood the country regardless of negotiated “bipartisan” border bills.  “Why is Biden releasing millions of illegal aliens into the U.S?”  Because he thinks that his notion of ‘equity’ – which he extends to non-U.S. citizens – requires it.”

Equity has been the leading justification for radical progressive policies – from open borders to men playing in women’s sports – that undermine the American way of life.  In forcing a subjective application of “fairness” to achieve equal outcomes, equity serves to redistribute permanent economic, political, and cultural power to the Left.  Republicans – like McConnell, Lankford, and others – who negotiate with equity-espousing radicals should be sent packing for their duplicity.

Take recent dramatic events in North Carolina, for example.

The NC Republican Superintendent of Education Catherine Truitt heckled a speaker at a local county GOP meeting last week.  The speaker, Johnston County school board member Michelle Antoine, took the stage to support Truitt’s opponent in the Republican primary.  “Not true!”  Truitt shouted several times as Antoine listed concerns about Truitt’s record on equity.  When Antoine calmly continued, Truitt stormed out of the room.