Detox From Marxist Feminism

6 Ways To Detox From Marxist Feminism For A Happier Life

By: Carrie Gress
October 18, 2023

Utility, productivity, and power have supplanted the virtues of what we used to equate with a good woman.  How do we detox from this poison?


While men can still articulate a “good man” versus a “real man,” no categories remain for a “good woman” versus a “real woman.”  Most of us operate unwittingly with the Marxist categories force-fed to us by feminism, particularly Betty Friedan’s propaganda about the toxicity of home and the freedom to be obtained through work.  These little-scrutinized ideas about womanhood now provide the ideal for us today.  Utility, productivity, power, and control have supplanted the virtues of what we used to equate with a good woman, such as kindness, compassion, and fidelity.

How, then, do we detox from this cultural and anthropological poison?

A feminist detox is particularly challenging because most women are not even aware of the brackish water in which we swim.  The result is an inchoate idea about how healthy womanhood and humanity ought to look.  Feminism has defined its own position and has also defined its opposition, the non-feminist, so effectively that flashes of women in red bonnets and robes in fertility cults, Stepford Wives, and doormats are all that come to mind.  We’ve been fed an unhealthy binary cultural model.

Our daily life and personal relationships, however, can often offer a glimpse of women who don’t fit either extreme; women who are a lot more interesting, engaging, healthy, compelling, and even good.  These are the kind of women we ought to aspire to be.  But getting there takes some effort.  Here are six ways to start: