The Immigration Crisis is Deliberate

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

Friday, Jan 26, 2024 - 04:00 AM

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

There is absolutely no doubt – Elements of our own government are deliberately encouraging the acceleration of illegal immigration across the southern border and they are actively sabotaging any attempts to stop the madness.

There are two questions we need to ask:

  • Why are they doing this?
  • And, what can be done to stop them?

In a move that I think debunks any claims that the Biden Administration wants a secure border, the federal government recently challenged Texas efforts to install border fencing and barbed wire to prevent the massive influx of foreigners raiding the US.  This is after several incidents in which convicted criminals and terrorists have been identified among migrant groups.  The measures were working, so obviously, Biden felt the need to intervene.