Politicians Perpetuating Power -- Path to Destruction

Politicians Perpetuating Power Is The Path To The West's Destruction

Monday, Jan 22, 2024 - 08:00 PM

Authored by Daniel Lacalle,

Milei Exposes The Path of Destruction For The West

Big corporations and global leaders adhere to and assume the growing interventionism and the advance of socialism because, for politicians, it is an excellent way of perpetuating their power and control over citizens, while multinationals tolerate it because they have enough financial muscle and size to absorb the pernicious effects of the massive rise in public debt and monetary imbalances, public spending, taxes, barriers to trade, and progress.

They all know that the burden of interventionism falls entirely on small businesses and families, destroying the middle class in the process.  The wealthy can escape the negative impact of monetary debasement and confiscatory taxes.  People with salaries and small entrepreneurs cannot.

Why do global leaders accept a rising trend in destructive policies that they know will fail?  There is a perverse incentive.  Business leaders who should value the success of productive investment and free markets are afraid that the interventionist cancelling crowd will attack them and, therefore, prefer to look elsewhere or even finance the advance of anti-freedom ideas in the hope that the mob will let them work and invest in peace.  Others believe they may keep their market share and avoid the threat of competition if they stay close to political powers.  It doesn’t work.  They do not leave them alone, and leaders lose more than they gain when they fall for cronyism.  Whitewashing Marxist collectivism does not stop it.  It is no surprise to see how this neocommunism disguised as social justice attacks with even greater cruelty those companies and leaders who embrace their false messages.  Just like wokeism often cancels and destroys its most staunch defenders, Neomarxism does the same with corporations and business owners because its objective is full control.