US House Rep Ted Budd Calls out Person Co Mega Site

Congressional Representative, Ted Budd of North Carolina District 13, has presented a letter to the U.S. Department of Commerce highlighting Person County's Mega Site. It is a rare occasion to have one of our state's 100 counties to be specifically called out at the national level. However, Person County's Mega Site is a valuable asset to our District and to the state of North Carolina.

In summary, the letter is in response to concerns raised by the Department of Commerce in regards to identifying risks and policy recommendation for our nation's semiconductor manufacturing supply chain. He touts specifics related to the county's strategically-located Mega Site and it's current status of being approved for clearing and grading by the Army Corp of Engineers. In conclusion, he urges the Department of Commerce to consider domestic semiconductor manufacturing and speaks to how Person County's site is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demands of America's supply chain needs.

TedBudd_letter to DeptofCommerce re Person Co

RepBudd's letter to DeptofCommerce re Person Co