NCC4CR: A great way for NC Freedom-lovers to get engaged

What follows is the latest update from the NCC4CR. Their next event is a FAITH & FREEDOM FEST on MAY 1st. Consider supporting this active organization pursuing constitutional freedoms in North Carolina.  Visit them at to learn more or to donate.


Litigation Status
Earlier in April, NCC4CR sent a retainer check to their attorney.  The good news is that there are a handful of groups who are using different legal arguments to recover their constitutional rights.  Their counsel will be refuting the veracity of the current state of emergency.  Our governor's edicts requiring face masks is subsequently unjustified.    They have been blessed with generous donations from citizens who think like them who want to preserve their constitutional liberties.  However, they've just begun to fight.  They are now raising funds for Milestone 2 in the litigation effort.  If you haven't donated, we encourage you to do so.  They are asking for others to reach out to friends and family who want to join the fight.